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Big Move 3: Fulfilling Potential and Influencing the System

As an education Trust operating within the dynamic landscape of the current system, it is imperative that we have a clear rationale for pursuing a strategic initiative to expand pupil numbers in our existing family of schools and to increase our family of schools through collaboration, shared learning, and partnership.

This "big move" is driven by several compelling reasons: 

Optimising Educational Opportunities

 As a Trust we are experiencing a decline in pupil numbers in all our settings, the primary reason being low birth rates. Expanding pupil numbers and welcoming new schools into our family allows us to optimise educational opportunities for all of our children. This aligns with our commitment to providing high-quality education and ensuring that more young learners have access to exceptional learning environments. This means sometimes taking the tough decisions such as PAN reduction and reorganisation to ensure that our schools remain viable. 

Influence and Leadership

Increasing our presence in the education sector allows us to have a more significant influence on shaping educational policies and practices. As a trusted and respected entity, we can play a leading role in advancing education at both local and national levels. 

Collaboration and leveraging best practice

 Collaborating with new schools and institutions brings fresh perspectives, resources, and ideas into our network. This enhances our collective ability to innovate, adapt, and provide a richer educational experience for all children. Expanding our family of schools facilitates the sharing of best practices, methodologies, and pedagogical approaches. This cross-pollination of ideas and experiences can lead to continuous improvement in teaching and learning across our MAT. 

Economies of Scale

As we grow, we can benefit from economies of scale in areas such as procurement, administration, and professional development. This enables us to allocate resources more efficiently and maximise the impact of our educational investments. 

Enhancing Reputation

 A network of successful schools and partnerships contributes to our trust's reputation as a leader in education. A strong reputation can attract high-calibre staff, children, and potential collaborators, which all will lead to strengthening our overall impact. 

Addressing Educational Inequalities

By expanding in areas where educational inequalities persist, we can actively contribute to closing the gap in educational outcomes. This aligns with our mission to Transform Lives and Build Futures. 

Enhancing the Learning Experience

Collaboration and partnership provide opportunities for children to engage in enriching cross-school activities, competitions, and cultural exchanges. These experiences contribute to a well-rounded education and personal development. A growing network challenges us to innovate and adapt continuously. This environment of innovation ensures that we remain relevant and responsive to the evolving needs of children and the education system.


Our big move to expand pupil numbers in our family of schools and increase our family of schools through collaboration, shared learning, and partnership is grounded in our commitment to providing outstanding education, promoting inclusivity, and influencing the broader education system. This initiative positions us to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of children and the communities we serve.