The Inspire Learning Partnership

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The Inspire Learning Partnership is a charitable Trust and we are accountable for:

  • The educational outcomes and welfare of all children attending our schools
  • The livelihoods of our employees
  • The prudent management of tax payers money; and
  • The stewardship of public buildings and land

The quality and effectiveness of our governance is pivotal to ensuring all of those resources are used most effectively in delivering learning opportunities for children and best value to the tax payer.

At the heart of governance in a charity like The Inspire Learning Partnership is the non-executive team, made up entirely of volunteers. These individuals bring their experiences, judgement and accept accountability not for personal material benefit but for the greater public good and in particular to improve the life chances of the pupils in our schools.  They fully subscribe to the Nolan Principles for Public Life and the Ethical Leadership Framework.

The law places accountability for the educational outcomes and financial diligence of the Trust firmly with the Trustees and the CEO as Accounting Officer. However, a fundamental principle for us is that effective governance is best delivered as close as possible to the point of impact of decisions.  For this reason we have developed a governance structure that delegates significant accountability to our Academy Councils. These bodies provide the overview and scrutiny of the management and governance of our academies. In essence they are responsible for Safeguarding, Standards and Stakeholders. 

The purpose of these pages on our website is to provide clarity on the structure by which the different elements of governance work together for the benefit of the whole Trust. We have based our model on our experience and the successes and lessons learned by our predecessors. I have no doubt we will have further lessons to learn over the years as we use this model of effective governance in practice. We will review the details of these governance arrangements annually as a family of Governors: Academy Councillors, Trustees and Members. 

Governance Structure

More details about duties and responsibility of our governance can found in the Governance Charter document

Memorandum and Articles of Association

More details can be found in the Articles of Association document

Scheme of Delegation

More details can be found in the Scheme of Delegation document