The Inspire Learning Partnership

Transforming lives. Building Futures.

Our Curriculum Principles

We believe learning is for life: a dynamic journey of discovery, bringing rich rewards and a sense of success and fulfilment, ensuring children can make the most of every opportunity that life has to offer.

Curriculum Intent

At Inspire Learning Partnership, we are ambitious for our children and aspire to Transform Lives and Build Futures. We understand the diverse context of our communities and we are committed to developing a strong moral compass, where children are encouraged to contribute constructively and demonstrate mutual respect.  

Our curriculum principles are designed to give all children, particularly those who are disadvantaged and those with SEND, the cultural capital they need to succeed in life.  

Each Trust school has the freedom to work within our principles and values, to design a bespoke curriculum that meets the needs of their pupils. In all instances, the curriculum will be broad, balanced and underpinned by the following Trust values:  

Innovation: We give the children the knowledge and skills to think creatively, make links and have the resilience to look for new and endless possibilities. We understand that all the children in our schools deserve wider experiences beyond the classroom, that equip them for an ever-changing world. 

Nurture: We teach children to look after themselves, others and the world around them. Through the curriculum we enable children to develop the emotional intelligence to form healthy and successful relationships. 

Success: We will ensure that all children master key knowledge and skills from the curriculum which builds on their prior learning and understanding of their learning journey so that they ‘know more, do more, remember more’. 

Passion: Our curriculum promotes curiosity and independence in learning. Our children will be intrinsically motivated to be life-long learners and follow their own lines of enquiry.  

Integrity:  We believe in honesty and strong principles which will guide our children through their education journey and beyond. 

Responsibility:  We know that we have a responsibility to use the curriculum as a tool to keep all children safe from harm. Through accumulation of knowledge, behaviors and skills children will be able to demonstrate cultural awareness making them successful in society. 

Excellence:  We aim for children to achieve the highest outcomes possible. We strive to provide a high-quality curriculum based on research led pedagogy, promoting the very best of what has been thought and said.  

All of our schools use the current National Curriculum as a minimum expectation, which helps to establish the substance of what is taught and learned. In addition, our schools enrich pupils' experiences in unique ways, as relevant to their local communities and the world in which our young people will live.   

Further detail can be found in our curriculum policy.