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Our Education Strategy

Our Improvement Philosophy

Our approach to school improvement is underpinned by Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment: Enquiry – Appreciation – Support – Empowerment (EASE). To create the conditions for ‘best thinking’, we need to create psychological safety and offer freedom from internal rush or competition. We all believe that we are stronger together. We bring that best thinking together to build capacity and create the best possible futures for our children.

Ownership and accountability form the golden thread of our aims to:

  • Put the child at the centre of everything that we do – we maintain an unwavering ‘whatever it takes’ mindset
  • Firmly establish and sustain a self-improving, outward facing, Trust
  • Embed a research and evidence-informed approach to school and Trust improvement, that is consistently ambitious for all
  • Use resources well to ensure that all children are included in education and achieve the best possible outcomes, in their widest sense
  • Promote a supportive culture, which embraces individuality, challenge and support
  • Ensure ownership and responsibility for decision making at every level
  • Develop excellent practitioners and facilitate true collaboration
  • Increase capacity for self-evaluation and improvement planning
  • Enable innovation, equity and excellence to flourish
  • Ensure clarity of effective assurance and risk-management 

Our Improvement Principles

Our goal is for every teacher in every classroom to be as good as they can be in what they teach (the curriculum) and how they teach (pedagogy).  For this to happen, we need to ensure that every teacher can use the best evidence from research. There is no improvement for pupils without improvement in teaching, and no improvement in teaching without the best professional development for teachers. 

Further details can be found within our Education Strategy.


If you have many queries or would like to discuss how we might be able to support you with your school improvement, please contact us.