The Inspire Learning Partnership

Transforming lives. Building Futures.

Our Strategic Pathway

Our Strategic Pathway supports the realisation of the mission, vision and ethos values for Inspire Learning Partnership; it provides the strategic direction, clarity of purpose and enables informed decision making across all of the academies and Trust: To serve our children in order that we Transform Lives and Build Futures. Each strategic priority will encompass all steps of the strategic pathway.


Inspire Together 


I work in one school context but my commitment is to all the Trust’s children and their achievements within our family of schools.

Children’s educational experience is precious and schools within the family are driven by the same moral purpose of serving, supporting and developing all children to make rapid progress and achieve success. We celebrate the individuality of our schools and at the same time we use our combined strengths to build futures together and transform lives. We know our effectiveness increases when we use the positive influence of the Trust family to improve children’s life chances. Our Trust family and partnerships enables transformation beyond that of an individual school.

Inspire Way


I am clear about the way we do things in our Trust and I know the part I play in improving children’s lives. I am committed to my school and the Trust in equal measure. 

 The Trust schools share the aim of raising the educational outcomes of all children in the Partnership. We have a clear, coherent purpose with children at the heart of all we do. Strong relationships within and across schools are important to success, together with everyone understanding and modelling the Trust’s guiding principles. All systems, structures and frameworks are underpinned by ethical practice. The individuality of each school is recognised and creativity, skills and expertise are drawn together for all learners to benefit and to relentlessly pursue excellence. The Inspire Way is all about children achieving success and being excited, inspired and prepared for their future learning. 

Inspire Support


The power of school improvement is using expertise that is closely matched to need.

 The Trust knows its schools well and deploys staff and resources efficiently and effectively to address needs. Developing people and playing to strengths means that learning is characterised by endless possibilities, giving children a growing sense of awe and wonder about their world. The power of the Trust is that staff prioritise standards, safeguarding and stakeholders and they work within a secure central infrastructure which sustains the focus on the core business of teaching and learning. The Trust is outward-looking and builds partnerships and joins networks that add value to the Trust’s core vision and mission. 

Inspire Development                               



I am given opportunities to develop my knowledge, skills and expertise. I am motivated by the possibilities I have to research the different ways I can influence children’s learning.

 The Trust’s culture is one of irresistible learning with an expectation that all staff are evidence- informed and curious about what works and what does not. One size does not fit all and that is why we shape development around individual needs. Being part of the Trust and a larger learning community increases the opportunities and resources for individual growth and development as well as the realisation of career aspirations. We want staff to positively influence the future of the Trust. We are proactive about finding the resources and techniques to improve learning, including the use of technology which is used to both evaluate what works and to deliver training and development.